What animal is this?

It’s the idea of creating places to play, implemented with the help of experts in the field – children. Their ideas are inspirations for me to design an object dedicated to the space in which we worked together.

“What Animal Is this?” is about participatory development of playgrounds. Designs are created as a result of playing with technical drawings of buildings. During the workshop, children look at the outlines of the building seen from a bird’s eye view. At first, they treat it as a map that allows them to discover the nooks and crannies of the building, to know the size and character of the space in which they are located. Later, the map is treated as the basis for an architectural mock-up, and using the shapes that are hidden in the outlines of buildings, the children draw, stick and pull out animals, which are turned into playground equipment.

I collect all mock-ups and based on them, create a pet to play with. When it’s ready, I meet the children again, to give the animal personality and character. What happens next is for me the subject of research on the heart of the concept of ‘fun’.

The workshops, including the detailed implementation design, took place at the Stary Browar Business and Art Center in Poznań and at the Znaki Czasu Center for Contemporary Art in Toruń. The designed objects could not be built in these places. Currently, the production of an animal designed jointly with children is underway in a unique place – the Matadero Madrid slaughterhouse converted through the revitalisation process into an innovative art institution. The object will be ready in Spain in late autumn.